SOG PowerAssist - Nylon Sheath

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The new PowerAssist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to complete opening. When not in use, these blades lock closed using our patent pending side release. Flip open the tool and experience the precision of the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs.

# OF TOOLS: 16

  1. Blade (Fully Serrated)
  2. Blade (Straight Edge)
  3. Bolt Grip Channel
  4. Bottle Opener
  5. Can Opener
  6. Crimper (Blasting Cap)
  7. File (3-Sided)
  8. Flat Screwdriver (Large)
  9. Flat Screwdriver (Medium)
  10. Flat Screwdriver (Small)
  11. Needle Nose Pliers
  12. Phillips Screwdriver
  13. Ruler
  14. V-Cutter
  15. Wire Crimper
  16. Wire Cutter (Hard)


    Closed Length: 11.68cm
    Product Weight: 272.16G
    Finish: Satin
    Blade Steel Type: 420

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